"I've just finished watching it ["J-O. W. TT virtuoso"] and I'd recommend it to anyone. Excellent production, really well edited. Full of jaw-dropping moments of Waldner magic-several times I was laughing out loud at the audacity of some of his shots. It's particularly good to have it all edited together-I have most if not all of the original Reflex videos plus much of the other footage, but to have it in one compilation is great, a worthy tribute."

Dave King from: about.com table tennis forum

"Waldner DVDs received today. I have got to congratulate you on another masterpiece. Great video, well constructed with excellent footage of some truly memorable table tennis. Love the timing of the slow mos, another nice professional touch. A wonderful exposure of a truly gifted player."

Eric Jenkins (England)

"You did an amazing job of editing and putting all that archival footage into the best highlights DVD I have ever seen of our sport. Congratulations. Dick Evans

Dick Evans

Just to let you know that I have safely received the Wonderful World of Table tennis DVD. Thanks for your quick service and for producing some of the most entertaining and professionally compiled TT DVD`s in the world. Please keep up the good work. The world of table tennis needs media representation like this.

Eric Jenkins

"Thanks very much for letting me know that your DVDs will play anywhere in the world. I shall buy all your dvds very soon then! I rely on you to maintain the amazing quality of your videos, which constitutes a great source of motivation for many, many young (and less young) players in my country, France. All the people in my club look forward to seeing you creating new ones, so good work :-)

Yours sincerely,"

Pierre Hanania (France)

"You are the No.1 creator of table tennis videos in the world. Everytime I see your video, I feel emotion and excitement.
Thank you again.

Jota Ito (Japan)


"I bought the DVD highlight. The quality is super, great visual and sound."

Calvin Chiu (USA)


"I want to thank you for all the great videos since 1987.Since then my Christmas is in Summer.You do more for that sport than any 40mm Ball or a different score system could do. I bought every tape since 1987"

Carsten Schreiber (Germany)


"I received the video last Thursday. It is fantastic! Looking forward to future highlight tapes!"

Sam Chan (Australia)


"My name is Jota Ito (36 years old). I am working at SONY co. as an engineer in Sendai Japan. I love table tennis, and I am thinking about how to change table tennis to a true major sport. I saw the video "Beyond Imagination" twice. I can not explain how great it is! Especially, your picture quality is good..., the emotional music of "classic finishes" matches with each scene and is cool. Of course the slow motion replays are fantastic....Actually your highlight videos are too cheap compared with their quality....Thank you for your great work. If not for you I could not see the fantastic videos."

Jota Ito (Japan)


"Your video is 'wowing' the guys at our club. Believe it or not but my game has improved by just watching it and copying some of what I see..."

Al Shevkenek (Canada)